member of the month

February 2015 – Bryan Sheppeck

A month after New Years many have already been discouraged from their fitness goals.  At Albany CrossFit athletes are in the most critical stage of the 90 day challenge. Bryan, our newest Member of the Month,  has faced some unique challenges that could have potentially derailed his p
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May 2014 – Michele Sano

Day in and day out we as cross fitters put our bodies through a lot of punishment. Some do it to either get in shape or to stay in shape. This is generally a larger portion of our community. There are also those individuals that treat CrossFit as a sport. For these individuals every w
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October 2013 – Nicole Auryn (ACF)

We all have different CrossFit journeys and paths.  Some are very direct, show up to CrossFit, become addicted.  Others have a long and winding path.  Nicole's journey had even more twists and turns than anyone we had ever met.   While Nicole has been an athlet
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November 2012 – Sarah Iacobacci (ACF)

Sarah is one of the kindest people you can ever meet.  Just one of those people that makes you feel happy and welcomed and part of the family.  It gives me great pleasure to announce her as our newest Member of the Month at Albany CrossFit!  She has truly challenged her
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November 2012 – Brian Clow (CCP)

I'd have to say Brian is one of the most surprising transformations I've encountered.  When he started, I really didn't know if he'd stick with CrossFit.  Definitely a little timid at the beginning as many people are, and really unsure if he wanted to push hi
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August 2012 – Matt Connors (CCP)

Class clown.  Every place has one.  And lucky for everyone who frequents the noon classes at CrossFit Clifton Park, they get to experience the hilarious shenanigans while most others are fighting through their mid-day lull at work.  Matt is an integral part of this hyst
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