May 2014 – Michele Sano

10352600_1477541089150419_8988957458200383992_nDay in and day out we as cross fitters put our bodies through a lot of punishment. Some do it to either get in shape or to stay in shape. This is generally a larger portion of our community. There are also those individuals that treat CrossFit as a sport. For these individuals every workout displays strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed before our yearly CrossFit Open.
Over this past year you may have witnessed the tremendous progress made by Michele Sano. In merely one year she went from placing 317th to 58th in the Northeast region during the open. All of her hard work and dedication was clearly on display as she grinded through each open workout, earning herself an invitation as an individual competitor at this years Northeast Regionals. This opportunity was made possible because Michele was willing to look at her weaknesses and work on them with disciplined focus. It is this type of attitude that is necessary to make it to the floor of Regionals. Now that Michele has gotten a taste of what Regionals is all about, it is going to be exciting to see how she trains and approaches this upcoming season.
Keep up the great work Michele, we all are looking forward to watching your progress over the next year, and are proud to name you Member of the Month!