October 2013 – Nicole Auryn (ACF)

We all have different CrossFit journeys and paths.  Some are very direct, show up to CrossFit, become addicted.  Others have a long and winding path.  Nicole's journey had even more twists and turns than anyone we had ever met.  

While Nicole has been an athlete at Albany CrossFit for over 3 years, cumulatively it's been about a year.  There were times we didn't see her for weeks at a time, but that is no longer the case.  Now, Nicole is one of our most dedicated athletes.  From challenging herself with each workout to eating clean for 30 days, Albany CrossFit has literally changed Nicole's life and she would be the first to tell you.  

Mentally, emotionally, and physically Nicole is a stronger person.  Watching her grow as a person and CrossFitter has been absolutely incredible.  This is only the beginning of Nicole's new path to success, but we now know she is putting one foot ahead of the other and headed in the right direction for her.