Monday (11/4)
2 Minutes per side
1. Olympic Lifting:
20 Minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch
2.  Metcon:
30 OHS, 115/80
30 TTB
20 Power Snatch, 115/80
20 TTB
10 Squat Snatch, 115/80
10 TTB
15 Minute Time Cap
WOD Strategy: 15 minutes is an aggressive time cap so first and foremost, make sure you scale the weight appropriately. You should be able to do 10-12 Overhead Squats for your first set. Make sure that you can complete all Overhead Squats in 3 sets or less. When you get to the Toes to Bar have a rep scheme set in your head (ex. 3 sets of 10, 2 sets of 15) and do your best to stick to that rep scheme. After finishing the Toes to Bar head back to your barbell and again have a set rep scheme in mind that you want to hit for the Power Snatches. Keep on pushing yourself at this point and do not walk away from your barbell. When you get to the Squat Snatch make sure that you are ready to go. Nothing will burn you out more than failed attempts during this movement, so you are better off taking a few seconds to collect yourself and making sure you are ready for your next attempt.
3.  Strength
Work up to a heavy set of 2 reps and complete all 3 sets at that weight