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July 2014 – Scot Obergefell

July’s member of the month is Scot Obergefell.  Scot is a member of the “morning mayhem” crew, regularly attending the 5:30 a.m. WOD.  Scot’s work ethic shines through his performance as he continues to improve his overall fitness, and he does this before many of us even get out of be
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May 2014 – Michele Sano

Day in and day out we as cross fitters put our bodies through a lot of punishment. Some do it to either get in shape or to stay in shape. This is generally a larger portion of our community. There are also those individuals that treat CrossFit as a sport. For these individuals every w
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Strongman –Jason Otero

I was describing a strongman WOD to a friend the other day; they looked at me and said, “that sounds hard.” Without thinking I said,  “yeah, it was great!”, his response was that I was crazy, and it got me thinking, easy is crazy. I’ve done easy, I’
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90 Day Challenge – 3rd Place

Doug Nadeau!!                   Doug has done an incredible job in transforming his lifestyle since he joined Albany CrossFit. He had these words to say in regards to his journey for better health and fitness and the past 90 Days. “I came to Albany CrossFit after a year and a half rec
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Announcements – Week of 4/20!

Saturday April 26th Albany CrossFit Presents… The 5th installment of the Capital Region Rumble This is a free competition is free for all capital region CrossFit athletes. The teams are XY consisting of one male and one female. There will be both an RX and Scaled Division. Arrive by 1
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Rx: Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should — Coach Carmen

“I would rather do a heavy Fran any day over regular Fran” said the instructor at my Level One.  Even as he went on to explain himself, I thought he was crazy.  Heavier = harder, right?  He said the reason that he would rather do a “heavy Fran” (ie: with a prescribed weight of more th
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