Strongman –Jason Otero

1902988_10152345803770606_4283902640221556969_nI was describing a strongman WOD to a friend the other day; they looked at me and said, “that sounds hard.” Without thinking I said,  “yeah, it was great!”, his response was that I was crazy, and it got me thinking, easy is crazy. I’ve done easy, I’ve sat and watched life go by without a challenge, I became sick and depressed and at times I felt indescribably hopeless. One day I woke up and decided easy was going to kill me, and I never looked back. Hard, is where we grow, adversity is where we see what we are made of, challenge is where we find that we  are greater than any obsticle. No successful person ever said, when it got hard I quit and thats how I got here; you never hear anyone say I took the easy path and I achieved all of my dreams.  Give me hard over easy any day. Easy is where we settle, it is where we accept less than what our hearts desire, easy is  where we we watch our lives slip by us never having truly felt alive. I was talking to my mother on the phone one day, she asked what I was doing, I said sitting in my comfy chair, she said “men grow old and die in comfy chairs.” so I stood up. Stand up, challenge yourself, do something hard, something that surprises you, something you never in your entire lifetime thought you could achieve, look your fear in the eyes and call it names. I never want to do easy again, easy is less than, and until I reach the finish line and I lie down and wait to punch the reaper in the throat, I will know that I am greater than. Do something hard, you wont regret it…I promise.

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