90 Day Challenge – 3rd Place

Doug Nadeau!!

                  Doug has done an incredible job in transforming his lifestyle since he joined Albany CrossFit. He had these words to say in regards to his journey for better health and fitness and the past 90 Days.

Untitled“I came to Albany CrossFit after a year and a half recovery from a sinus surgery which had put me on medication during that time which caused me to gain weight and become out of shape.  I said in my “Success Stories” interview that I just turned 42 but feel like I am 24, I meant it!  I never thought that at this age I could still sculpt my body.  This experience in the last 90 days has proven to me that I can still do what I used to do.  The overall Albany CrossFit experience which I started in August of 2013 has not only resulted in a weight loss of 38.5 lbs but also a change in my overall demeanor.  I feel great, the energy I have seems endless (last night I did a WOD and then played 2 hours of basketball), and my mental attitude is positive, I sleep better and feel healthy. “

Doug along with the other top finalist is an example of how working hard and following our program can lead you to success. Here are some of Doug’s achievements from the past 90 Days:

  • He lost 23.5lbs of bodyweight and a combined total of 8.05 inches from his Neck, Waist and Hips.
  • Increased his Strength by adding 50lbs to his Back Squat (225 up to 275) and can now do Pull-Ups.
  • Increased his Stamina and Endurance by lowing his 10k Row Time from 51:20 to 46:16, Increasing the amount of Burpees he can do in 7 minutes from 59 to 74 and increasing the time he can hold himself on the rings for the FLR from 1:05 Minutes to 2:06 Minutes.

Incredible Job Doug! We are proud of you and excited to see how you continue to improve in the years to come.