Hope Events/Holiday Week

  Upcoming:   July 5th – Poker Night, Albany CrossFit – 7pm July 6th – CrossFit for Hope, 10am, Chili/BBQ/Chowder Cook-Off, Bling for Hope, immediately following WOD   On Going:   Massage for Hope – 518.378.9273 or e
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Hope Events

Upcoming: June 24th – Dinner at Mingle 25% of Bill goes to Hope, 5-9pm June 27th, Spin for Hope, 7:15pm – 639 New Loudon Road June 30th – Burpee Mile – time and place TBD July 5th – Poker Night, Albany CrossFit – 7pm July 6th – CrossFit for Ho
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Thank You

Words don't do justice to how thankful I am to all the people who came to Clifton Park this weekend and helped clean and repair the flood damage. A total of 226 man hours amassed by Stacia Skorupski, Greg Villano, Carolyn McCarthy, Lexi Selca, Audra Hamil, Brian Clow, Kyle Van Vor
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We Made it to the Games!

Independence Day Holiday Schedule: July 3rd - ACF: 5:45am, 7am, 9am, Noon, 3:30pm, 5pm, 6pm WOD Classes (7pm WOD and Yoga Cancelled) CCP: 5:45am, Noon, 5pm, 6pm WOD Classes (7pm WOD and Kettlebells Cancelled) July 4th - ACF: 10am WOD CCP: No Classes Well…sort of…that is no
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February 2012 – Michael Wood (ACF)

Congrats to Michael Wood as February 2012 Member of the Month at Albany CrossFit. Woody is a long time member of Albany CrossFit, and a dedicated part of our community. Woody has been apart of our family for 2 years and has gone through his share of streaks, but he has really stepped
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February 2012 – Patrick O’Connor (CCP)

Got heart?… Check Determination?… Check Commitment?… Persistence?…. Check and Check. Pat has been a die-hard CrossFitter since the first class he attended.  He wanted to improve and proclaimed he would do anything he was told to do so.  And you know what?  He f
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