February 2012 – Patrick O’Connor (CCP)

Got heart?… Check

Determination?… Check

Commitment?… Persistence?….

Check and Check.


Pat has been a die-hard CrossFitter since the first class he attended.  He wanted to improve and proclaimed he would do anything he was told to do so.  And you know what?  He followed through!

Not afraid of criticism, open and willing to receive all instruction.  He’s a pleasure to coach, because you know he leaves it all on the floor every class.  It’s translated in to tremendous success.

Let’s mention his weight loss.  25 pounds since the start of the 90 Day Challenge.  25 POUNDS!  Strict as can-be, no waivering off the path.  His focus is commendable.

Think that his diet hasn’t helped his training? Well let’s throw in the fact that he crushed it at the Tri-State Throwdown, claiming the top spot in the Scaled Division at his first ever CrossFit competition.  He is a beast in the making!

What’s better is that he’s an integral part of the amazing community that is multiplying and being forged at CrossFit Clifton Park.  Congratulations Pat, you’ve certainly earned this honor as the CrossFit Clifton Park February 2012 Member of the Month.  We eagerly await what the future holds for you here!

“You don’t get results by focusing on results. You get results by focusing on the actions that produce results.” –Mike Hawkins

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