February 2015 – Bryan Sheppeck

A month after New Years many have already been discouraged from their fitness goals.  At Albany CrossFit athletes are in the most critical stage of the 90 day challenge. Bryan, our newest Member of the Month,  has faced some unique challenges that could have potentially derailed his p
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March 2014 – Jason Tromans

Congratulations to Jason Tromans our March 2014 Member of the Month.  Jason is an amazing person, a pleaure to have at Albany CrossFit, and has made some incredible changes.  
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Pat Regan’s Story.

What do I enjoy the most about Albany Crossfit? What I enjoy most about Albany Croosfit is the ever-expanding family that I have acquired through my membership. I first joined ACF more than five years ago looking for something to supplement my Karate training – something that wo
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The Deadlift -by Coach Kat O’Sullivan

After reading a CrossFit Journal article by Greg Glassman simply named “the Deadlift” I have come to realize the true benefit of the deadlift.  Mr. Glassman says in sentence one “The deadlift is unrivaled in its simplicity and impact while unique in its capacity
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Anne Maloy: What else am I going to do with these pants?

What I enjoy most about Albany CrossFit is getting a chance to wear these slick compression pants that I’ve bought recently. In most other venues, these sporty duds would be considered “inappropriate” or “wearing leggings as pants,” however, toss on a pai
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