The Deadlift -by Coach Kat O’Sullivan

After reading a CrossFit Journal article by Greg Glassman simply named “the Deadlift” I have come to realize the true benefit of the deadlift.  Mr. Glassman says in sentence one “The deadlift is unrivaled in its simplicity and impact while unique in its capacity for increasing head to toe strength.”  Simply put, the deadlift can and will increase overall strength.  This movement is the stepping stone to the snatch and the clean.  If done correctly and safely, the deadlifts benefits out way its risks.  Let’s talk about how to set up and execute the deadlift.

Stance – natural or jumping stance with your feet under your hips. 

Bar – over the shoelaces on your shoes

Now, let’s get set up on the bar…

With your chest up and arms straight, bend over to grip the bar. Your grip needs to be symmetrical to ensure you are picking up the weight safely.  You want your hands just outside your knees at a safe place where your arms and hands will not interfere with your leg and knee path.  Engaging your hamstrings, bend your knees so your shins meet the bar.  Your shoulders should be slightly in front of the bar and the ‘armpits’ of your elbows facing each other.  Focus on staying tight in your hamstrings, lats, and triceps.

 Standing up…

Your hips and shoulders rise at the same time while pushing through your heels.  You are pulling back on the bar using your hips and hamstrings.  Your hips will then come forward, standing all the way up.  The bar should move straight up and down.

How do I put this thing down!?…

-drop it for a no rep or…

Reverse what you just did.  Send your butt back, still engaging your hamstrings and keeping your triceps and lats locked down with your hips and shoulders reversing at the same speed.  Once the bar is at the ground, let go, and celebrate a PR!

Here are 5 simple cues I think about when deadlifting –

Stance – jumping, neutral

Shoe laces – under the bar

Hands – bend to grip the bar

Shins – meet the bar

Stand – stay tight, hips and shoulders move at the same time

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