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Mission Hope – Packing List

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS  Water (3L minimum) 1 Knife per team (minimum)  JIMAPCO Albany City &County Map  Ziploc Bag or Map Case  3 Additional Ziploc Bags per team  Headlamp  Two 12 hour Chemlights/Glow Sticks/Cyalume Sticks  Wet Erase Marker (a
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The Third Eye

Ali makes some suggestions for improvement: “How’s my back on my deadlift?” “What’s keeping me from getting under the bar?!” “Am I below parallel?” “Does my butt look big when I squat?” These are all questions that I’m sure many of you have or heard at some point during a class.  Many
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Virtuosity Series: Squat Clean

"Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers." –Robert Half  Get the best in CrossFit performance gear at the CrossFit Store.
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