The Third Eye

Ali makes some suggestions for improvement:

“How’s my back on my deadlift?”

“What’s keeping me from getting under the bar?!”

“Am I below parallel?”albany gym

“Does my butt look big when I squat?”

These are all questions that I’m sure many of you have or heard at some point during a class.  Many of us look to the coaches as our end all, be all answers to form and fixing any problems we have mechanically.  While they are, and should be our number one resource, there is also another great tool that you can use to have a better idea as to what you look like when attempting an Olympic lift, gymnastic movement, or even running form.

A video camera.

Do you have difficulty referring back to what you did to correct a problem?  As a softball coach, I find that when my hitters struggle, it helps to video tape them taking a few swings so they can see what exactly I am trying to explain to them.  It’s a precise way to make a fix.  Suddenly, there is this “AH HAH!!” moment when they realize, “that’s what I’m doing?”

In CrossFit, we don’t have mirrors, so we rely on the eyes around us to guide us to better movements.  But, don’t be afraid to pull out your cell phone and ask someone around to video tape you doing a clean or snatch while you’re working on skills.  You can only become better as an athlete by being able to analyze yourself, or by having someone else take a look at your form and technique.  So whenever you think you are struggling on a movement and are looking to improve, take a look with a third eye and see the changes you can make!

“Life is like a landscape. You live in the midst of it but can describe it only from the vantage point of distance.” –Charles Lindbergh

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