Work hard, recover hard. –Coach Andrew

andrewAs Crossfitters, we are willing to train like animals, eat like cavemen, and make tons of sacrifices to achieve our goals. When it comes down to taking care of our bodies, we typically wait until a significant injury occurs before we even consider seeing a chiropractor. I was guilty of this as well. About 2 years ago I began seeing Dr. B. When I first started I would go maybe once a week or every other week for an adjustment. This lasted for a few months, and then I just stopped going because my body was feeling better. This was a huge mistake on my behalf. The work that she was doing was allowing me to train at the level that I demanded from my body.

So, fast forward a few months to Friday Night Fights where I am standing on front of a bar loaded with 435#. The workout calls for a 3 RM deadlift and I am determined to get that bar off the ground for three reps. Rep one goes up with a little bit of brute strength. I think to myself, “The hardest part is over, you got the first rep completed.” Rep two goes up without a problem. Everything seemed to be heading into the right direction and it looked like I was going to complete the 3 RM. I did end up completing the lift, but on the 3rd rep as I was going to lockout I felt a pain in my lower back that I had never experienced before. The pain I experienced felt as if someone was wringing out my spine like it was a wet wash cloth. After the initial burst of pain, I actually felt alright. Some of you may think I am a little crazy, but I finished a few more WODs at that Friday Night Fights after doing that to my back. In the following days to come I realized just how significant this injury was and I began to think of what I would have to do in order to get myself back in the game.

I made a call to Dr. B in the following days and set up an appointment to get her professional opinion. The day of the appointment we came up with a game plan to get me back to 100%. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but with the help of Dr. B I knew I would be back to CrossFit in no time. The first few weeks were extremely difficult considering even getting out of bed was a task in and of itself. Slowly and surely I started to feel like I was getting back into the swing of things. Each adjustment eased the tension I would feel in my back and gave me the ability to get up the next morning.
I wanted to share this story with you so you do not go through the same experience that I did. Take care of your body and take these precautionary tips so that way you can stay in the game as long as you can.
Ever since that day I have religiously gone to Dr. B’s office twice a week for an adjustment. Not only has my back been feeling great, I have since lifted my longtime goal of a 500# deadlift and a 405# back squat. Taking care of your body will not only allow you to stay in the game longer, it may just be a complete game changer in your training.
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  1. Dr. Bianca Treski

    Andrew: I’m so excited for your achievements! You are so right…prevention is key. It’s a lot easier to maintain health than to try to regain it. I thank you for keeping your spinal health a priority…regardless of symptoms. Onward and upward!