Strongman Top 10

Read on with our resident Strongwoman Coach Cat:

albany gymI’ve heard this a few times – “I’ll come to strongman class when I’m stronger.”

What the heck! Strongman isn’t only about being strong. It’s about learning new movements, challenging yourself, and getting out of your comfort zone. Sounds familiar right? It’s what we do every day at CrossFit. And yes, a side effect of coming to class is getting stronger – which we all want!

Not picking up what I’m throwing down? I put together a list of the best reasons to come to class, just in case you need convincing.

Top 10 things about coming to Strongman Class:

#10 – No one cares if you don’t dress in the latest fashions; we just assume it’s cause you don’t want to get dirty flipping tires.

#9 – Telling your co-workers about lifting big stones scares the shit out of them. They are sure not to mess with you around the office.

#8 – It just doesn’t get more functional than lifting a keg overhead.

#7 – It’s socially acceptable to discuss all the non-Paleo foods you love to eat.

clifton park gym#6 – When comparing WODs, your’s always sounds cooler… “Yeah man – lifted a car and
threw around some stones. Please do not tell me about your dumbbell curls.”

#5 – Strongman lifts have the tendency to make surprise visits in CrossFit competitions.

#4 – No Burpees.

#3 – Everyone looks badass lifting a steel log overhead. No exceptions.

#2 – There’s always a 100% chance of lifting heavy shit.

#1 – You don’t have to be “strong” to come to Strongman Class… you just have to be
AWESOME. It’s mandatory.

We love to see new faces, so come join the crew!

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  1. Lenora

    Did I just see my pic as proof that Strongman is for everyone? Love it! It’s true! There’s no better way to see oneself as strong and functional even with ‘issues”! Age does not matter. Experience does not matter. This is infinately scalable. Strongman class with Cat and Cean is the highlight of my week.

    Imagine how easy squats feel after a Yoke carry? How about carrying suitcases and groceries after training on farm handle carry, and other “carries”. There aren’t any burpees, but, the short bursts in Strongman medleys give you an even better high. Look. If I can do this – anyone can!