Stacia Skorupski’s Story.

734331_10151275328713691_170038729_nI enjoy most everything about Albany Crossfit. I'm not saying that includes every movement, task, WOD or lift, but in general I really like every aspect about the place and the community there, On a whole attending a WOD is the best part of my day. I have been a member at so called globo gyms and ordinary gyms before and although i was sucessful at intially at losing weight and getting healthier, I for one got bored and two plateaued in my journey,
There is never a dull moment at Albany Crossfit. Constantly varied for sure. Everyday is a new work out or another attempt at one that I've done before. I have many coaches to learn from and I meet new people quite often. I have found I like challenging myself and I love feeling strong, My favorite squat is the overhead and I love Jerks! Learning new things about myself and about functional movement and fitness feeds my soul. I also enjoy the fact that I encounter dogs at the gym and I love Marley the most.
I really cant see my life with out Crossfit. The feeeling I have after the work out is undescribable and adictive. I keep comimg back because I know people believe in me and will support me always. I trust them fully. Them – refering to the owner, staff and members I call friends. No matter if I PR or fail suport is always shown. No one has put me down for gaining weight back or failing but rather  they encourage me to get back at it abd succeed. Perfection is not expected but heart and will is, I like that.
The greatest improvement seems to be in my glutes. Yes, now in my fourties, I have a firm shaped back side that was typically flat and non existant my entire life. My overall strength is much greater and my overall personaity is much improved as well. I am more appreciative, confident, and in general happier. I have increased every lift by a lot. for example – Dead Lift –  135 to 235#. Clean and Jerk – 65 to 125#  and Overhead Squat from 45 to 115# . Wow , thats just a few without even looking in my journal.
Everyday life is easier except on days when I'm just down right sore from a brutal work out but honestly we all love that good pain. Seriously though I do have way more energy and can deal with any situation much better than before. I have more confidence and that helps with relationships. I also sleep really really good at night. I recent;ly changed my own car tire and was amazed at my self I had the patience and strenght to do so. I also never make two trip from my garage to kitchen with bags. I am strong. People appreciate my strength when it come to moving and carrying things,
I really can't share my favorite crossfit story but I do have many memories of good times and laughing a lot. I have made several friends and have enjoyed many coffee and salad dates with them. My own personal and fondest memmory was at my one and only competition when I PRed on a clean and jerk using a fat axle. I amazed myself at that moment in time and will never forget it. I really love being involved with Albany CrossFit's community – volunteering, judging, taking classes, watching events and just hanging out with other crossfitters. There are many amazing moments and many good times in the years I have been there.
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