Resisting Complacency

Clark’s initiative against complacency:


Are you setting yourself up to fail?

Complacency: Self Satisfaction especially when accompanied by awareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.

This is often an easy trap to fall into. Whether it’s at work, home, or the gym, complacency can set us up for failure. It puts a ceiling on a wealth of potential we could tap into to achieve what is thought to be “impossible.”

As CrossFit athletes, this especially rings true. Everyday there are new PR’s set, weight loss goals met, or we’ve participated in a challenge or competition. It’s amazing to see what dialing in to reach that new horizon can do, but it’s what happens after you reach that pinnacle of success that makes the lasting difference.mobility

Naturally, we enjoy receiving praise, rewarding yourself for the commitment, and enjoying what we’ve just achieved. It’s at that moment when the temptation will be strong to be complacent and stray away from the plan and training that got us to achieve our goal.

My challenge to you is to resist the urge, and never let yourself get complacent. It’s okay to never be fully satisfied!

One new accomplishment means we’ve just set the bar even higher for ourselves, and it’s time to start working towards achieving that new goal!

To “Be Better than Yesterday,” means we must perpetually seek improvement. Now get to work!

“The arrogance of success is to think that what we did yesterday is good enough for tomorrow.” -―William Pollard

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