Our Coaching Staff

935565_10151933153944765_1081186993_nI could not be more proud of our Coaching Staff.  Each and every one of them exemplifies what it means to be a coach, not just at Albany CrossFit but in the truest sense of the word.  They each have a passion to help people improve, and that’s not just in the gym but everywhere in life.  They care, you will regularly see our coaches making time for our athletes to discuss their needs and goals.  They lead by example, they hit the workouts, eat clean, and live each day with integrity.  

We have had many great coaches since 2007 and many have moved on to bigger and better things.  It brings me great satisfaction to see them all succeed in life.  
With that being said, in my honest opinion, this is our best crew ever.  What you all see as athletes is great, but what happens behind the scenes is really where they all shine.  We communicate well, believe in one another and the product we deliver, and most importantly have each other’s best interest in mind.  
Every coach at one point was an intern.  But I’m proud to say we no longer have any interns on staff.  This is because they have all been promoted to the Coaching level and it is well deserved!  
After we host the Level One in March we will start a new intern program.  A Level One will be required to be a part of it and you will not just hop into helping with classes.  
We continue to strive to deliver the best possible product to our athlete and coaching has and always will be our number one priority.