October 2012 Bootcamp at CCP

I could not be more impressed with the newest group of graduates out of our CrossFit Clifton Park Bootcamp. clifton park fitness

Over the past month, they've been nothing but motivated, eager to learn, and willing to push themselves to the best best of their abilities to be better athletes and be best prepared to join the regular classes.  They were in 15 minutes early every day, just to make sure they could get a little extra time to practice on the rower, get to fixing their mobility issues, and mingle with the other athletes.  Gotta love the drive and ambition! Let's meet the crew

Vince came in with a goal to complete the Tough Mudder.  Well, after the 4 weeks of Bootcamp, he's down 10 pounds, eating clean, and getting more fit every day! You better believe he's going to reach that goal!

Phil has shown a ton of heart.  You can see how hard he pushes.  You can see the persistence in his face when he goes through the workouts.  You can see the drive and determination.  He refused to back to, even while working through a shoulder issue, he wanted to get the work in so that he could improve.  He is going to bring an amazing tenacity to the classes.

clifton park bootcamp

Tammy, well she's just about the nicest woman you will ever meet! From the first day she would just brighten up the class with her positive energy and has been a pleasure to coach.  She has made tremendous progress with her technique and I can't wait to see her in the WOD classes!

Last and certainly not least, Danielle! Seriously impressive. She just doesn't have a clue how incredibly strong she is. I guarantee she'll be doing some amazing things in no time!

Welcome them to the community everyone and show them how great it is!