Catch the Kettlebell Craze

Carly talks Kettlebells: clifton park fitness

A little love for my new found passion…kettlebells…

Tuesday nights, you see us at CrossFit Clifton Park warming up with the rest of the athletes and then at 6pm, we disappear into the side room… emerging an hour later soaked and smiling. Thursday nights, we appear again, this time at Albany CrossFit convening in a section of the double-wide at 6pm, both nights relying on just one piece of equipment. Sunday is finally our time to take over the triple-wide at ACF from 9:30-10:30am.

So what’s the best class you’re missing? Hell’s Bells/Kettlebell Conditioning! On average, kettlebells burn about twenty calories a minute. That’s 1,200 calories for every hour of use! Now you know why we look like we went for a swim after class, but you can’t wipe the goofy smiles off our faces!

Consider this your personal invitation to spend an hour with Kia and Viv swinging ‘bells. The current programming will get you into the zone and you will set PRs with each additional class. With proper technique, you’ll quickly see and feel that kettlebells provide a full-body workout! Movements learned in class translate directly to more efficient use of your hips on Olympic lifts, stronger grip strength, increased endurance, and overall better performance in your WODs!