New Year, New You? Next Step: Nutrition!

Now that you have been hitting the WODs hard in the New Year it’s time you get your nutrition dialed in. Come learn how to fuel your body with the proper nutrition to help you (BE)tter with nutrition expert and Registered Dietitian Laura Acchione.

Laura specializes in a whole food and clean eating approach and is well versed in the Paleo Lifestyle.  This seminar is for anyone who wants to learn how good clean food can help them reach their work, life and Crossfit goals. So bring your burning nutrition and food questions and be prepared to leave with some nutrition knowledge you can WOW your friends and family with!

Where: ACF, upstairs in Court Club Lobby

When: Wednesday, January 29th @ 7pm

Cost: Free to all 90 Day Challenge participants and January Bootcamp Attendees;

$5 for all other members as well as family, friends and anyone else interested.


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