Michele Sano’s Story.

1472977_10100329129533811_875354661_nWhat I love about Albany CrossFit is having the equipment readily available to use whenever I want to work on a skill. I’ve been to other gyms and often times people need to share (even in small classes) and you spend most of your time changing weights. There’s also a shared feeling of “bettering” yourself, so working skills before or after class isn’t weird, but there is also no pressure to do so either. I think everyone is very open and, even if everyone has a different answer for the same thing, everyone is willing to help you meet your own goals.

I like being around a supportive community with similar-minded goals. I find coming to class to be beneficial, challenging, and purposeful.


I still have a long way to go, but I would say my bodyweight movements are the improvements I am most proud of. The wide range of movements used to be very limiting for me and now my goal has changed from getting the movements to perfecting them.


Everyday tasks are much easier, but mostly it keeps me mentally healthy. It is a nice break where I get to work towards my own goals and do something for myself. It fills a competitive void in a healthy way, which motivates and excites me to be better in life in general.

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