Learning and growing: An “Open” discussion (Part 2) –Coach Nick


Some people say Crossfitters walk a little bit taller (not literally in my case), and I would have to agree. There is sense of accomplishment that you feel at the end of a WOD that is infectious. It stirs a drive, a passion, a determination within that carries over to our lives outside the box. Again, there are countless examples of determination during this year’s Open and I would like to share one of them with you.

14.1 was a hot-button announcement among many in the CrossFit community. Some people thought, “Why would Castro program double-unders to start a workout.  I don’t have double-unders.” Others had a different outlook on the programming and took it as an opportunity to improve.

I’ll never forget judging his final attempt about an hour before 14.1 closed.

“Hey can you judge me?”

“Sure can.”

“I need you to pay attention.  I could be trying for doubles the entire time.”

Jason Murphy doesn’t have double-unders…yet. What Jason Murphy does have is an unmatched drive and desire to improve himself. I watched Jason come in and spend the entire 8 minutes attempting a double-under, coming very close to getting his first! Not once did he tuck his tail between his legs and quit. Instead he sought advice and worked his ass off to try and hit a double-under so he could post a score for 14.1.

Jason was determined to achieve his goal and while he did not succeed in getting a double-under for 14.1 he demonstrated how giving up is NEVER an option.

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