Is 100k Possible?

Attention: The water will be shut off at Albany CrossFit on Tuesday, May 8th while they are working on the Court Club plumbing.  Please plan accordingly.


We have never been as behind a cause and fundraiser as we are for CrossFit for HOPE!

This is not only a great cause but it is one of those rare events where truly every single dollar raised goes directly to the charity.

If we can get 300 of our athletes to raise $300 each (also the minimum to earn a sweet T-Shirt) that’s $90k…the last 10k will be there!

That’s only $10 from 30 friends, or $5 from 60 co-workers, or $20 from 15 family members…the point is we can do this!

We have two of the biggest affiliates in the world, one of the top teams in the region, the best coaching staff known to man, the strongest community going, we should be able to do this!

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.” –Wade Boggs

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    Does this mean that Jason won’t be shaving his head? I’m in too if he needs company or encouragement.