Importance of Active Recovery. –Coach Andrew

andrewWe all have had days where we are so sore that we can’t even think about working out. Maybe the day before we did Karen and now your legs are looking at your stairs as if they are Mount Everest. It is important on these days that we try to stay active. In order to help speed up our recovery we must get our blood flowing at a faster rate and our lymph system in gear. When we work out our core body temperature rises, blood flow rate increases, and muscular contractions get the lymphatic system in gear. The job of the lymphatic system is to collect potentially harmful substances and to filter them before sending them back into the blood stream. The job of blood is to carry nutrients to our muscles and to get rid of any waste (bi-products) that we may have accumulated during our workout. Without going in to great depth on these systems, I hope you can see the importance of how these two systems can improve our recovery. Even though you may feel like exercising more will be the death of you, it will actually help you in your recovery. This is where you have to be smart about what exercises you do. Below I have listed just a few things you can do that will help promote a faster recovery.
1) Yoga (especially hot yoga since it will increase blood flow)
2) Walking/ Jogging
3) Swimming
4) Rowing
5) Biking
6) Stretching
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