How the CrossFit Games look to a Non-CrossFitter. –Coach Adam

It’s Sunday at the Puorto house, dishes are clanging in the kitchen, the smell of olive oil on the stove is prominent, wine bottles are scattered throughout the living room and continue to the back porch, conversations overlap like a bad editing video… if you were to walk in during one of these Sunday’s in its prime you wouldn’t believe you’d find only 9 or 10 people.

Normally over the steady buzz of conversation the faint call of Michael Kay during the Yankee game sets in as background noise, but not on this particular Sunday.  Yes, the Yankees are still on in the main living room- muted.  On this Sunday, the overwhelming sounds of weights clanging and crowds cheering consume the room- Lindsey and I are streaming the final day of the 2014 CrossFit games.

Probably not uncommon for most of you reading this- I’m sure the majority of us at some point last week logged on, clicked the ‘Live Stream’ link, went through the tedious process of finding your Time Warner username and password and proceeded to watch some bad ass athletes destroy WOD’s.  But, did any of you watch with others?  Not other CrossFitter’s, but others.  I did.

My whole family at one point or another spent 15 minutes or so in front of the computer watching- and watching intently.  My mother is why I am into the fitness scene.  I remember her teaching aerobics classes at the YMCA when I was a boy.  She, not to my surprise, loved it.  “Can you do all this?” “No, mom, but some of it.”  “Oh, wow, he’s handsome…” “He’s the champ, ma”

My father and brother are big guys- the type that would want to grab a burger and a beer after work rather than bust out some squats.  Wings for time over burpees for time for sure…

Their reaction?

My brother said, “is this why you’re always practicing handstands? I get it now, that’s kinda cool” I was floored.  He hates my love of CrossFit, or did.  My pops, “Look at that crowd, it’s like a real sporting event”  “Yeah dad, pretty cool, right?  I don’t think it’s going to get less popular.”

My point is this- This sport isn’t really understood or liked by all.  That’s ok, neither is football, baseball, basketball, or hockey.  But it is compelling, interesting, and here to stay.  Show someone you know who doesn’t CrossFit some coverage from the games, check their reaction.  I bet you’ll be surprised.


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