Festivities Galore

Big day planned for Saturday the 21st. Here’s the agenda:


-Regular Class Schedule


-9am – WOD

-9am – Affiliate Team Practice

-Noon – Team WOD/Fundraiser/BBQ

group classes rowing

Team WOD: Noon at CCP

-$10 donation to participate (please bring cash if you have not already paid). There will also be a sale on all apparel.  All proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

-Organize with your team members (listed below) upon arrival and start warming up.

-Food will be served post-workout, and if you would like to bring any drinks or other food to share it’s greatly appreciated.

-Thank you to our sponsor Buckley Beef.  They will be selling meat at a discount, with part of the proceeds going to charity as well.

-There will be a Bouncy Bounce, let your inner child rejoice!

The WOD:

In Teams of 3-4:

Station 1:

Accumulate as many Box Jumps/Step Ups as possible in 7 minutes (30/24)

Scale Box Height as necessary.

Jumps will only count while another teammate has a 45lb Bumper plate locked out overhead.

Scale bumper weight as necessary.

Station 2:

Accumulate as many Back Squats (Women), Front Squats (Men) as possible in 7 minutes with 95lbs.

Bar cannot come to the ground. If it does it will be a 10 burpee penalty for all teammates.

Station 3:

Accumulate as many Wall Ball Shots as possible in 7 minutes (20/14)

Reps only count while another team members is in a pullup hold with their chin over the bar.

Scaling will be on rings with their chest to the rings in a ring row position.

Station 4:

AMRAP 250m Row in 7 minutes:

Each athlete must attempt to row an entire 250m.

*3 minutes Rest Between Stations

gymnastics athlete

Teams: (we will put you on a team if you do not have one)

-Karen Streeter, Chad Southwick, Andy Coleman, Kendall Coleman

-Melissa Lashley, Sarah Iaccobaci, Jameelah Burnett, Christina Frolish

-Angela Calvano, Scott Kimball, Lisa Johnson, Christine Mcaulay

-Dona Wildove, Diana Voss, Jen Shanahan

-Mark S., Pat O., OI, Jason Rhude

-Carly, Andrea, Karrah, Rian

-Meg, Kyle Coons, Katie Hunter

-Ali Vaughn, Will Vaughn, Chris Williams, Kristina Jenkins

-Jeff G., Jeff Jr., Jeff Britton

-Pick, Nick Pick, Walter, David Boyle

-Janet Bukowski and friend, Mrs. Day, Stacia

-Meach, Lauren Stern, Brittany McQuide

-David Cohn, Matt Potter, Kyle Jojo, Chris Anderson

-Cynthia Anslow, Steven Anslow, Chris Blair, Mary Abbru

-Scott Smithers, Jay Hunter, Jim Day, Phil Fouche

“It’s always good to remember where you come from and celebrate it. To remember where you come from is part of where you’re going.” –Anthony Burgess

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