February 2017 – Amarnath Manam


We’re super excited to announce that Amarnath Manam is our February 2017 Member of the Month!!! Amarnath has excelled so much at our gym doing everything from excelling at his barbell lifts to stepping outside of his comfort zone and tackling Spartan obstacle course races. He is a great role model for other athletes at the gym and the Coaching Staff is proud to have him as a member of our community and as the member of the month!

Coach Louis had this to say about Amarnath:

Amarnath has been working his heart out. Great listener. Shows up to get better. He’s not attending class just to get through. He’s been with us on our Spartan races and crushes it with a huge smile crossing the finish line. His strength is surprising, but I know he’s got so much more to show us and himself. I can’t wait to see him hit those bigger lifts. He’s a pleasure to have in class. Silent, but works out with enormous effort and purpose.

Coach Shye chimed in with:

Amarnath always has a willingness to work hard and has continued to improve his technique in his barbell movements. As a result, his strength, whether in a Metcon or a strength workout continues to go up. I look forward to seeing him continue to make progress and he is a pleasure to have in class!

Coach Chris said:

Amarnath is a great part of ACF! He always comes to class with a great attitude and he is getting better every day! You have to watch out for him though because he’s quiet and before you know it he’s pushing to pass you in the WOD. It has been great to see Amarnath gain confidence and continue to improve. He is getting better every day and I’m looking forward to running more Spartan Races this year! We are very lucky to have Amarnath as part of the ACF family!

Congratulations again, from the entire Coaching Staff, on being the February 2017 Member of the Month Amarnath!!!

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