Fall 2012 – Coach of the Quarter


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After back to back wins by Dean Leber, we are pleased to announce our newest ACF/CCP coach of the Quarter, James McDermott! albany fitness

James has come so far since his early days of interning at Albany CrossFit.  When first beginning his internship here he received the normal duties…clean this, wipe that down, distract Lenora, wipe down the toilet, etc.  Believe it or not, it's not always sunshine and rainbows at our boxes.  However, James was not turned off, he did anything and everything we asked of him (and I do mean everything).  No matter what we would ask of him, he not only would give it his 100%, James would do it with a smile on his face.  Which is why after he graduated college we were happy to offer a full-time, paid position!  

At first we brought him back on for his standard duties, slowly letting him gain more and more responsibility, until the time had finally come.  That's right, James was to start coaching his own classes!  He had been assisting in many classes and it was very clear to all of us that James was passionate about CrossFit and helping others reach their full potential, something we pride ourselves on.

James started the 8:30pm class a brand new class we put on the schedule to help our athletes make sure they never have to miss another WOD.  That class very quickly developed a personality of it's own with many hard-core dedicated athletes.  We often see many of new boot camp graduates flocking to it because James has the ability to coach, push you to your limits, make sure you are doing the movements safely and effectively, all while cracking a few jokes (you'll have to pay special attention for those).

James is also responsible for the great "Caveman in the Kitchen" episodes, making sure all of your product needs are handled, and keeping the gym germ and bacteria free.

We could go on and on about James McDermott II for days and days, but we wont, let's just end this by saying, James, you have come a long way baby, we are proud of you and all you have accomplished, we look forward to seeing you grow more as a coach and person, and are happy to announce you as our Coach of the Quarter!

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