Details of the 90 Day Challenge

The 90 Day Challenge is back and bigger than ever! Last year, over 100 athletes lost countless pounds and smashed personal records over an epic 90 day journey that left them fitter, healthier and with a sense of accomplishment. The top winners took home some big prizes, including a FREE 1 Year membership to our gym!. Here is what you have to look forward this year… clifton park bootcamp

Buy-In: $50


1st Place: 1-Year Membership
2nd Place 6-Month Membership
3rd Place 3-Month Membership
4th Place 1-Month Membership
5th Place – $50 Gift Certificate

Benchmark WODs:

1. "Fran" – RX (95/65) – Scaled (55/35)
2. 1RM Snatch
3. 7 Minute AMRAP: Burpees (6” Target)
4. 10K Row
5. 1RM BackSquat


1. Before & After Photos
2. Height & Weight
3. Body Measurements: Neck, Waist, Hips
4. Estimated Body Fat %

More details will be released on where to send this information. If you have any questions regarding the 90 Day Challenge please email [email protected].

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