Community. –Coach Desi

DesireThis past week I was just talking about Community…our community, the CrossFit community. I realized in speaking about it, with a fellow CrossFitter, that I had a huge smile on my face and so did she. I was visiting Knockout CrossFit in Lawrenceville, GA a suburb of Atlanta, and it struck me, that really no matter where you go if there is a CrossFit, you have a built in Community.  It is a community of like-minded individuals who accept outsiders whole heartedly and are genuinely happy to sweat with you and suffer through a WOD next to you and if you’re fortunate they’ll invite you out for dinner after.

This past week wasn’t the first time I experienced that.  It happens in every box I’ve been too. CrossFitters are generally good natured people who want to see you succeed and are happy to help you. I don’t know anywhere else where you can find this. You’re certainly not going to find it in your globo gym. The majority of athletes who joined CrossFit were looking for something more.  I know that was true for me and I not only found that but some of my best friendships have been forged in this CrossFit community.

Not only is there friendly competition here but there is a sense of family. This great big CrossFit family that just keeps growing! Next week we graduate a new class of On-Rampers into the “Big Room”.  If you get the chance welcome them and show them what CrossFit is really about. Welcome them into our Family…our  CrossFit Community.

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