“Bacon Star” of Strongman

Cean shows some love for the a standout Strong-woman: albany fitness

Lately we have read all kinds of posts about Albany CrossFit athletes kicking ass and taking names. At Strongman we have a lot of people come and seriously step out of their comfort zones and really push themselves beyond what was once thought impossible. I have wanted to feature an athlete like they have done with ACF and CCP but it's always hard because truly every athlete comes and does amazing things with the oddly shaped heavy objects at ACF. So, I asked the athletes to stroke the ego of another athlete, hoping I would get a circle of ego stroking (heh). Well against my commands(that will be 2 minutes of Husafell carries to you all) everyone mentioned one name: Lenora Pfeffer.

Now some of you may be saying: Who the f&*k is Lenora Pfeffer? Were I respond back “she is Lenora f&*cking Pfeffer.” She may not have the heaviest deadlift nor does she has the fastest "Fran" time. One thing she does have is gosh darn guts. A lot of you reading this avoid Strongman because you feel its too heavy, too dangerous or perhaps you think the people who regular Strongman will give you a wedgie and leave you on a flagpole. Yes it's heavy but it's modifiable, if you feel getting a few scrapes and bruises is dangerous then I suppose life is dangerous too, and as far as the fellow athletes….they are sweet as pie, except when you are trying to flip or carry something X times your body weight then the yelling of obscenities ensues.

So why should you care about Lenora? She represents what we all came here for. A challenge. A step out of our comfort zone. That nervous feeling of trying something new and scary and then having the triumphant feeling of “Hey that wasn’t so bad”. She didn't stop those things after she signed up for CrossFit, she continues it every day. Just because she scales, doesn't make her a lesser athlete by any means. She brings a "can do" attitude and pushes through every single thing we throw at her all the while throwing a joke that will make the class laugh.

So next time you think something is too much of a challenge or you have some type of fear about something, peek your head into a Strongman class and watch her. Any excuse you had about anything you have to do shall be shortly stricken and if not I say: Toughen. Up.

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