August 2016 – Lukas Cassick

We are thrilled to announce Lukas Cassick as our August 2016 Member of the Month! We can’t put into words what a great athlete, friend, and community member Lukas is to us all here at Albany CrossFit. Coach Louis chimes in by saying ‘He is and incredible listener; a great guy to coach. He is constantly working hard and definitely deserves this honor of member of the month.’

Coach James adds ‘Lukas is a perfect choice for the August 2016 Member of the Month and an excellent role model other athletes can and should follow. He works hard both inside and outside of class to master movements (especially his gymnastics skills), arrives eager to learn and take feedback from coaches, and is refreshingly well mannered. I love having Lukas in class because he’s not just there for himself and often helps others in busy classes even though he is not a coach (yet!) by working with his neighbors to set up their stations, figure out scaling, and clean up after the WOD. His thoughtfulness and positive attitude perfectly exemplify our gym’s mission to endlessly strive to (BE)TTER TOGETHER.’

We couldn’t have said it any better. We are honored to have Lukas as part of our CrossFit community and excited to see what the future holds for him. Congratulations Lukas.

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