April 2016 – Jalen Turner

We are excited to announce Jalen Turner as our April 2016 Member of the Month. The coaches have nothing but positive remarks when talking about Jalen and his commitment to Albany CrossFit. Coach Kat was recently blown away by Jalen’s participation in the Best Buddies Fundraiser. Jalen brought his brother in to participate in the buddies WOD and truly stepped up to the plate and embraced the role as big brother. A true role model. He helped his brother the entire workout, showing him the movements, cheering him on, and always encouraging him.
Coach James chimes in with ‘Jalen always bring a lot of positive energy to classes with jokes and a very enthusiastic personality. He’s always up for the challenge each WOD presents and often tests his limits sometimes finishing and sometimes not, but always learning what he can do better next time. When it’s time to do the work he puts on his game face and gives each workout everything he has. He often comes in early to work on mobility and sucks. All the extra time he has put in is definitely leading to big improvements.’

Coach Murph keeps it simple and to the point ‘He’s tall! He’s humble and has a great taste in music!’

We are excited to see Jalen continue to develop into a phenomenal athletes and are proud to call him a community member here at Albany CrossFit. Congratulations Jalen on being names April 2016 Member of the Month.