Climb To New Heights Challenge

maxresdefaultClimb to new heights and master this coveted skill in our April challenge!

Starts: Friday, April 1st

Ends: Saturday, April 30th.

This will be a month long event that you can participate in at your leisure (just like the Rowing challenge in December). This contest will take you all around the world as you “climb” the equivalent height of 16 famous monuments & buildings!! Everyone will be able to participate as scaling options will be available! You will be able to log your climbs on the whiteboard in the main WOD room.

Prize: You will earn a raffle ticket for each monument height you climb. At the end of the challenge coaches will draw tickets to determine who wins a custom ACF prize package! The more you climb, the more chances you have to win!

Buildings / Monuments Heights:

Berlin Wall: 12ft

Great Wall of China: 26ft

Tower of London: 89ft

Arch de Triomphe: 164ft

Titanic: 175ft

Statue of Liberty: 305ft

Great Pyramid of Gaza: 481ft

Washington Monument: 555ft

Corning Tower: 589ft

Gateway Arch: 630ft

Chrysler Building: 1,046ft

Eiffel Tower: 1,063ft

Sear’s Tower: 1,451ft

Empire State Building: 1,454ft

Freedom Tower: 1,776ft

Shanghai Tower: 2,073ft