Appreciate your PR’s – Coach Kat the Preggo

394262_10150732262814496_370098590_nWell 23 weeks into this creating a child thing and I have come to realize a few things here.  But one of the biggest things I have realized and I wish to preach to you is appreciate your PR’s.  You all have days that you PR on a lift, or PR on a workout.  You celebrate in the moment, you smile, you write it down or record it in WODify; but do really appreciate it?  Do you soak it all in? Do you realize the achievement you just accomplished?  The goal you just shattered?  I have to admit, before becoming pregnant I’d get a PR on a lift and just smile, feel cool for a second, record it, and carry on.  Never did I really take time to think about that PR.  I didn’t appreciate the work I put in prior to the PR, the dedication, the commitment to making myself better.  Listen up guys and gals; CELEBRATE AND APPRECIATE!  Too often you rush through the day and forget to appreciate our accomplishments.  One of the biggest things we do at ACF is preach creating goals.  You write them down, post them to facebook, and tell people.  That’s great!  You then spend a great deal of time working on that goal, that new PR, and when you succeed, you are quick to make a new goal.  That’s great, but I want you to take some time to appreciate what you have done as well.  You have worked long and hard for that PR.  You deserve to celebrate, to dance, to tell people, and to post it all over Facebook.  But, I encourage you to take a few extra minutes to yourself and soak it in, feel the sense of self accomplishment.  You did it. You put the work in.  You ate clean.  You lifted that weight.  You moved that fast to crush a time.  You went Rx. You did it.

This hit me pretty hard the other day.    I have been seeing some pretty awesome things these last few weeks.  The open has fueled many athletes to work on their sucks.  I see first time double under, first time chest to bars, weights being lifted that ‘were never imaginable’, and back squats that are looking strong and amazing.  This stuff is great!  As I have been working out these past 23 weeks I have been scaling more and more movements.  The weights I am using are decreasing and I find myself feeling frustrated at times.  This really made me want to remind you guys all to celebrate what you are accomplishing.  I won’t PR for a while; and yesterday I came to terms with that when Murph reminded me to ‘think about the weight you are using’.  I’ll miss that PR feeling but when the day comes and I PR again, boy am I going to appreciate it a lot more.  We all are competitive.  We all want to be the best we can.  Scale when needed, be safe, but when the time is right – PR the shit out of something and appreciate it!   

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