All I need to know I learned from Dave Matthews Concerts…

albany gymSurround yourself with people you love and respect:

It’s clear while watching Dave, Boyd, Carter, and Stefan play together, they are not only great musicians but they are great friends.

I made a decision on day one to never have a coach on staff that I would not want to have a beer with (or in my case Chipotle).  Well, this has grown.  Not only do I love all of our coaches, I love our athletes too.  I consider you all friends and enjoy every moment with you all!

Let others shine:

One of my favorite parts of a Dave show is watching how he lets other band members take the spotlight.  Often times he steps away from the center of the stage so Boyd, Tim, or a guest musician can take over.

We love letting all of our coaches shine.  Letting an intern demo, having a head coach run a seminar, or spotlighting a coach crushing a WOD.  We all enjoy a little recognition and we love giving our coaches some pats on the butt!

Keep control of your band:

Even though they are all having fun and improvising, it’s clear Dave has complete control over that stage.  Watch as he signals the drummer to wrap it up, or for Tim to take a guitar solo, everything is happening with a purpose.

Whether it’s 5 or 25 in a class our coaches have control and your safety is importance.  It may often seem chaotic but more than likely your coach has a plan and has eyes on everything going on in the room.  Take solace in knowing safety and virtuosity in movements is of the utmost importance and is stressed at every coaches meeting.

Stay True to your Roots:

Watchtower, Funny How Time Slips Away, and Long Black Veil, and so many more.  When Dave covers a song, it’s a classic and by a hero of his.  From Dylan to Cash, he keeps it real.

We preach CrossFit because we believe in it and love it.  It is our passion and it is what we are blessed and grateful to be able to wake up and do every day.  Thank you Coach Glassman!

Mix it up:

Two nights in a row will never be the same at a Dave show.  People always ask me, “you’re going again?” Yeah!  Because it’s always different.  The setlists are constantly changing and you never know what song will be played next.

Whether we are mixing up the WODs, throwing a competition, or running a fundraiser, we are always mixing it up at ACF and CCP.  We definitely put the “Constantly Varied” of CrossFit into everything we do.

Most importantly, love what you do:

The energy at a Dave show is absolutely incredible.  If you haven’t experienced it, you are missing out.  It is so clear these guys love making music and are grateful to be able to do it as their career.

At ACF/CCP no one coach does it for the money, fame, or fortune!  We do it simply because we love CrossFit and love watching others improve and change their lives.  We have a smile on our faces because you all allow us to do what we love!

“Turns out, not where, but who you’re with that really matters.” –Dave Matthews Band

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