90 Day Challenge: Honorable Mentions Part 2

The countdown continues:

7. Julie Duncan

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Julie is looking fantastic after making incredible changes during the 90 days.  Among the improvements, she lost 24 pounds and over 5" off her waist. Looking at performance, she knocked almost 1 minute off of her Fran time with the Rx weight!  Throw in the fact that she hit a new PR on her 1RM snatch, added 10lbs to her 1RM Squat, shaved almost 5 minutes off of her 10k row, and added 19 burpees to her 7 minute max effort, and you are looking at an athlete who has taken her game to the next level. Congratulations on your progress Julie!


6. Chris Smith

albany fitness albany fitness

Let's start with some stats: Weight loss, down 25 pounds. 6" off his waist. Down 7% body fat. Just take a look at those before and after pictures. The difference is amazing!  Add to that his improved athletic performance.  Over a minute off of his "Fran" time, 23 more pounds to his 1RM Snatch, and almost 5 minutes off his 10k row.  All it took was 90 days, and he's like a whole new man!  Great job!

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