90 Day Challenge: 3rd Place

We’ve arrived at our Top 3. albany fitness albany fitness

Big congratulations to Eric Papandrea!


Let’s start this off with a really impressive stat: 46 pounds lost during the 90 Day Challenge!  That was the highest weight loss total of all participants.  Goes to show what consistent training and a healthy diet can do for you!  He lost over 12″ between his waist, neck and hips.  On the performance, he was able to do “Fran” as Rx for this first time. He added 5 pounds to his 1RM snatch, and a whopping 20 pounds to his 1RM Back Squat.  Round it out with over 2 minutes off his 10k row and posting 108 burpees in 7 minutes for a 20 rep improvement.  The hard work has paid off and the results speak for themselves.  Great job Eric!