90 Day Challenge: 2nd Place

Time for the Top 2! albany fitness

Announcing the first runner-up: Chelsea Haughton!

She is down almost 20 pounds and is looking fantastic. The before and after pictures tell the story as she has lost 6.5 inches off her waist.  She worked tirelessly over the course of the 90 days and it lead to some really impressive performance numbers.  About 2 and half minuteoff of her "Fran," and a 10 pound PR on her 1RM Snatch is already a lot.  albany fitness

Then when you add in a huge 55lb improvement on her 1RM back squat, now that is amazing! Along with that she chopped over 5 minutes off of her 10k row and added another 11 reps to her 7 minute max burpee total.  She's got a super-positive attitude and the commitment to boot.

We're proud of you Chesea, keep up the great work!