Yitzy Sontag’s Story.

1385770_10151764082013990_737810754_nWhat I enjoy most and what keeps me coming back are the coaches and the community. We have coaches that are incredibly knowledgeable in all things Crossfit (i.e weight/olympic/strongman lifting and programming, mobility, etc…) they are amazing at getting me to push myself as well as having the knowledge of knowing when to back off.


The community is amazing they are a great group of people that help make brutal WODs fun and competitive by pushing you to do your best


My biggest improvement has to be strength. Even before startting Crossfit I was in good shape but the improvements in my strength and general fitness level since starting have been tremendous.


I no longer have to make two trips to get all the bags in. I can do it all in one trip now…like a real man!


I don't have a favorite story but I do have a favorite experience that was judging the open. Having athletes come in who were had never done certain movements in a WOD or they didn't know if they could move the weight for reps because it was at their PR and seeing them crush the open WODs was simply incredible.


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