Will it hurt?

Cean gives his thoughts on injury:

We have all heard it from our friends. “You do CrossFit?” “That’s so dangerous.” Generally a CrossFitter will respond with “It isn’t dangerous you have certified coaches watching you to ensure you are doing the movements correctly”. You would be right, but they are right as well. Once you push yourself into something new, and whole new world of opportunities opens up. But you might get hurt.

“Cean aren’t you a coach?” “Don’t you love Jason?” Stop sassing me and listen. We all hear of other athletes getting injured. It is actually nearly inevitable that you will whether it is mild or extreme. Maybe a kinked shoulder, or a torn hamstring or you flipped the GHD machine on you because you are such a f*cking rockstar. However it happens the end statement is the same. Who gives a sh*t. You’re now an athlete and that is what comes with the territory. Some injuries are pointless and can come from your own doing. Lack of mobility or perhaps your hand is ripping and you decide 5 more pullups in your 5pm WOD class is more important than staying attached with your skin.

Lot of injuries are some type of strain. Which again comes with what we do. The question is..What is your friend doing? Running on a treadmill or hitting the road a little so they can run a race and get hit with “color bombs”. Perhaps you ran the same race…on your REST DAY. Point is, yes you have a much higher chance of getting injured even with drinking plenty of water, doing mobility and doing naked hot yoga. The thing is, you also recover better. Your body laughs at simple colds that take others. You don’t need as many rests when you are helping that same friend move. So like I said you might get hurt. In fact you WILL get hurt. But amazingly when you heal you are somewhere you've never been.