What’s in Your Gym Bag?

Kayla’s Gym Bag Checklist:

Previous to my Crossfitting days, I was a member at Planet Fitness (ugh, I know, embarrassing!). I walked in the gym with my keys and IPod, hopped on an elliptical and bored myself to death for 40 minutes. I didn’t even own a gym bag.

Fast forward 2 years, now my bag is one of the most important things to leave the house every day.

rowing strongman

Here are some items that I always carry in my bag no matter what:

Jump Rope – Jumping rope is one of my favorite ways to start my warm up. It gets the body moving, juices flowing, and a great way to squeeze in practice for my double-unders on a daily basis.

WOD Book – writing our daily performances down is a must, right?! If you’re anything like me, if it doesn’t get done immediately after the WOD, it’ll never get done. It NEVER leaves my bag!

Tape – We all know the obvious reason athletes carry tape… however, on more than one
occasion it has come in handy when I least expected it to; protecting my shoes from the
infamous shredding on rope climbs, keeping my laces tied for double-unders, securing the clasp on the end of my jump rope, labeling my water bottle… The list is endless…

Dry Erase marker – Ok, I admit it, I lose track of high volume reps and rounds fairly easily. Hey, if you can’t keep track it’s only because you are working so hard right? I love using the white boards. Markers can usually be found around the gym somewhere, but why not avoid the hunt and bring your own?

group classes athlete

Tite grip – Tite grip is a antiperspirant hand lotion, a substitute for chalk. I don’t use this EVERY time time there is pullups or toes-to-bar because I don’t want to become dependent on it, but if I am going for a PR (wink wink… “FRAN”) you’ll be sure to find this on my hands. It works great!

Collars – To keep the weights nice and snug on the bar!

Hair Ties – If you have long hair, nothing can ruin a WOD like not having something to keep those beautiful locks out of your face and off your neck. I always keep a few extra in my bag in case myself or a fellow lady needs one. Come girls, you know what I’m talking about!!

Tampons – enough said…

Soon I’ll be adding Sun Block!

What’s in your gym bag?

“To be prepared against surprise is to be trained. To be prepared for surprise is to be educated.” –James Carse

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4 Responses
  1. Kayla

    I personally don’t use those, but i know a lot of people have them on their list of “gym bag must haves”

  2. Kayla

    I personally don’t use those, but i know a lot of people have them on their list of “gym bag must haves”