What should you expect at the Formal?

After weeks and weeks of the coaches pestering you to sign-up, the formal is almost here!  With over 150 CrossFitters in attendance you can be sure this party be E-P-I-C!  Here is a list of what you should expect: albany fitness

1 – Pretty sure it goes without saying but at some point Caleb will have his shirt off.  Those of you bringing a non CrossFit +1 may want to let them know this is a normal daily occurrence.

2 – We have an amazing award ceremony taking place.  With top male and female athletes from both boxes and a few other top secret awards you can be sure you will hear some amazing acceptance speeches.

3 – Burpees…someone will be doing these on the dance floor, my bet is Kyle Coons.

4 – Someone will vomit…hey, it's not a party until someone boots and rallies…

5 – Lots of CrossFit hook-ups…what better to bring hot, fit, beautiful CrossFitters together than an Open Bar?  Plan on an awkward Monday at ACF/CCP…

6 – Paleo will be on hold for the evening.  With an Open Bar, a buffet, and a sweet dessert assortment, we will have evolved from cavemen for one night only.

7 – After Party in Lucas Vogel's room…I don't plan on seeing anyone in attendance in class until Thursday…

8 – Murph can dance.  Yeah he may be bringing a +1, but I promise you ladies, you will all be jealous when you see his dance moves…you've been warned!

9 – Jay cannot dance, but he does not let that stop him.  

10 – Community!  Whether you are new to CrossFit or a salty veteran this party is all about celebrating our CrossFit family!  Plan on laughing, hugging, dancing, singing, drinking, and of course some butt slapping, but more importantly plan on having an amazing time with your fellow CrossFitters!

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