What does it mean to inspire? –Coach Chris

It is leading by example, showing others through actions what it means to be the best.

It is determination, facing the immovable object and refusing to stop pushing.

It is character, doing what is right when no one else is watching.

It is living with an open heart, putting your emotions on display despite the inherent risk that brings.


Although I didn’t witness it firsthand, I’ve learned that Jason Murphy attempted 14.1 numerous times on Saturday in the hopes of getting his first double under and posting a score for Open Workout 14.1.  I’d venture to say most of us would have quit long before the more than seven attempts he made.  But that’s what why Murph inspires us.  In the face of obstacles, he continues to show us that the true path to success is not Fran times or snatch PRs but pushing ourselves to our limits.  He inspires us not with his scores or his lifts but with his actions. 

Although the Open may deceive us, CrossFit is not about the crowning the fittest on earth.  It’s about what you learn about yourself inside the walls of the gym that you can then harness outside those walls.  From Murph we learn to never give up, to strive, to work, to believe, and, most of all, that we should never stop working to become the best version of ourselves.  #grateful

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