What do You Fight For?

BBQ/Auction/Talent Show/Fundraiser:

BBQ – Starts at 5pm – Kevin Houston will be grilling up some great Paleo foods!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction – 7pm

Talent Show – immediately to follow auction!

Silent Auction – all night long

Beverages – being served all night long!

Raffle tickets – $5/ticket, $20/5 tickets, $100/30 tickets

Tons of work is going into this event!

Jenny asks – What do you fight for?:

albany fitnessWhen we are weakened and at a crossroads between the brink of defeat or defining greater success, there is something intrinsic in us that pushes us forward. That keeps us fighting. Are you aware of what it is that you fight for? For me, it’s my Dad. I fight for his honor and fight to show him just how strong of a person he has inspired me to be. I speak in past tense as I lost my Dad to lung cancer in 2004.

When I feel diluted, I turn to his lessons and find strength. He makes me fight. I know how hard he fought to be brave for me when he was sick. How hard he fought to feign strength when he was debilitated. He was brave for me then and I choose to be brave for him now. This is one reason why I stand wholeheartedly behind CrossFit for Hope.

I know firsthand how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be on a family. Thankfully, there are hospitals and researchers out there who are doing what they can to postpone the early end of a life. In particular, clifton park fitnessSt. Jude Children’s Research Hospital strives to find ways to cure and/or halt childhood cancer and other deadly diseases. CrossFit for Hope is the way our CrossFit community is standing behind St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, to help make a difference in the lives of others.

I plead with you to join in and help St. Jude’s fight against childhood cancers and other diseases. So if you haven’t already, make a donation. If you’ve already done that, seek out more donations from others. Every dollar we collect makes a difference. Let us fight for something that matters… let us help a young child with their fight against cancer. Let us give them hope.

“If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.” –Maya Angelou

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