Westide Class is Back!

James' has a big announcement: 

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Do you want to get Strong(er)? If you do, I have good news! The Westside Powerlifting class is coming back to Albany CrossFit! In this course you will receive the following:

-Top notch coaching from James and Andrew.

-Increased strength and guaranteed PRs!

-All new programming incorporating various Powerlifting training techniques.

-Knowledge on the Westiside methodology.

-Detailed instruction on the Bench Press, Sumo-Deadlift and Sumo-Squat.

-Experience new exercises you have never done before.


Course Details:

-Cost: $150

-Start Date: February 11th.

-Mondays and Wednesdays at 4pm to 5:30pm.

-8 Weeks of classes, 2 times a week ending in a Powerlifting meet.

-8 person class limit


If you are interested in taking this course email me at [email protected].