Thursday 071212

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Row 250

20 Dislocates with PVC

15 Bridge-Ups


I. Snatch – Build To A Tough Single In A Few Sets: Rest As Needed

II. 4 Sets of the following barbell complex:

1 Power Snatch and 3 Snatch Balances at 80%

*Rest 90 Seconds Between Sets

III. 5 Rounds For Time:

1-5 Chest-to-Bar Pullups Ladders

*For the ladder, perform 1 pullup then come off the bar.  Then do 2 in a row, come off the bar.  Follow this progression until you do 5 in a row, that completes 1 round.  Start back at 1 rep for the second round, and follow the same progression.

Scaling options for all ability levels will be provided for by your coach.




IV. FLR On Rings – (As Many Seconds As Possible x 3 Sets; Rest 30 Seconds Between Sets)

*Athletes must be cleared by the coaching staff in order to follow the Competitors Program.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.