The Open; Is it for me. –Coach Chris

On February 27, 2014, the CrossFit Open will begin!  This five-week competition enables athletes to celebrate their love of CrossFit while competing against more than 150,000 athletes worldwide.  I know there is hesitation for some about competing but before you make your final decision, here are six reasons why everyone at ACF should compete in the Open.

1.     Programming. The CFNE Competitors Programming we’ve been utilizing for the past 7 months is designed to prepare you for this event.  This would be equivalent to completing all the homework assignments and all the quizzes but refusing to take the tests (pardon the teaching analogy).

2.     Judging.  It’s an opportunity for your movements to be judged.  For some this might be misconstrued as a negative but don’t you want to know if you’re reaching full depth or extension? 

3.     Convenience. It’s the easiest competition there is.  Period.  No long car rides or marathon competition days; instead once a week, in the friendly confines of ACF, you complete a carefully crafted test of fitness.

4.     Cost. A twenty-dollar investment buys you entry into the largest CrossFit competition there is.  That’s $4 a week. The workout data and search capabilities make it worth it.  This brings me to…

5.     Measuring. This is your chance to measure yourself against others who meet whatever criteria you choose.  Want to know how people your age in the Northeast did on WOW 14.2?  Then simply create your search and voila.  If you’ve hit the Open before it’s a chance to measure yourself against, well, last year’s version of you!

6.     Community. Hitting Open WOWs with your ACF friends and “family” is an amazing experience.  The energy and enthusiasm in the room is electric.  The end result?  You push yourself harder and dig deeper than you ever have before. 

Clearly the 2014 CrossFit Open is for you!  So don’t miss out on your chance to compete.   Click here, register, and get ready to bring it starting February 27th!



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