The Longview

Eric provides perspective:

clifton park gymThe phrase “It’s about the journey, not the destination” is a cliché, especially so for CrossFit. Yes, we want to enjoy this journey of health and fitness, but the destination—achieving our goals—that’s why we’re here. So should we discard the advice of ages?

Yes. And No.


Everyone wants to reach his or her destination. No one goes on vacation and says, “Let’s just see where we end up.” No, there are agendas to keep, schedules to check and a laundry list of “to do” items along the way. It’s the same with CrossFit. It’s near impossible to feel as if you are doing well by merely showing up to class and giving it your best. Instead, you must learn and practice and look at your strengths and weaknesses and attack them. It’s the same as adhering to that vacation itinerary. You will arrive at your destination if you put in the effort. Ah, but what about that journey?


The difficult part about arriving at a destination is that once yalbany gymou’re there, the inevitable feeling of “Is this it?” always sets in. The reality is a little more drab than the pictures online, the hotel room not nearly as bright and beautiful. It’s the same with us. Once we get that pull-up or Snatch technique or Squat PR, we look for more. We say, “Enh, now what?” And therein lies the truth of our situation, we must embrace both the journey and the destination.


Enjoy this ride. It’s your life by the way. Make destinations (goals), arrive at them, enjoy, and then strive for something new. That’s what makes the trip worth the while, enjoying the experience and then planning the vacation for next year. Improving on what you’ve already achieved.

So mark your calendar, set a date for this and that, and then get to it. Enjoy the fact that you won’t be alone on this journey. Quite the opposite. This trip is packed with friends, and we’re just getting started.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” –Greg Anderson

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